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What You Should Bring

Proof of Vaccination

Before we can board your pet we have to know that it is up to date on its shots. That means you need to provide us with a Proof of Vaccination from your vet. We do require that all vaccinations be given at least seven days in advance of your pet's stay with us so we would prefer to get that proof seven days prior as well. You can drop it by if you prefer or you can fax it to us at 630-690-5721 or email it to

For dogs, we currently require DHLPP, Bortdatella, Rabies & and the new (H3N2) Canine Influenza vaccination. Bordatella and Canine Influenza vaccinations are very important because both diseases are so highly contagious that no amount of supervision or sanitization can guarantee prevention.

If you are not certain that these vaccinations are up to date for your dog, please call your veterinarian and ask. If you do need to have your pet's shots updated you can ask your veterinarian to fax the Proof of Vaccination to us at that time. Please remember, shots must be done at least seven days before coming in since dogs cannot visit the vet or other locations where your pet might be exposed to canine influenza in the week prior to his or her visit. In addition, some dogs can have reactions to vaccinations so it's in their best interest to get their shots updated at least a week before coming in to board with us.

For cats we require FVRCP and rabies vaccination.


We do have a house food at Happy Paws. It's a high quality Lamb and Rice food that is formulated to promote healthy skin and coat and to be easy on the tummy for dogs who might be sensitive to change of diet. Of course, you are welcome to bring your own food too, particularly if your pet is a finicky eater or has special dietary needs. We just ask that you make sure that there is enough food for the number of meals your pet will be here for and add one or two days worth in case we spill some or you can't get back on the day you intend.


Please bring in any medications that your pet requires. We will be happy to give your pet its medications for no additional fee. Please call and talk to us if your pet needs any other kind of medication.

We prefer that all medications be in the original container with instructions from the veterinarian.


Please feel free to bring in a toy or two for your pet. The only rule is that we have to be able to sanitize the toy if we should need to. As long as we can either spray it with a sanitizing solution or put it in the washing machine then you are welcome to bring it.

Remember, pets in boarding can sometimes be destructive. Any toy you bring in may be chewed up by your dog. Don't bring anything that you do not want to lose.


The same rules for toys apply to bedding. You can bring in any bedding you like for your pet as long as we can sanitize it -- but remember that it might get chewed up. If your bed can go in a standard washing machine and dryer you can bring it with. We're sorry, but we cannot take beds that have foam rubber, wood chips or certain types of batting in them because we cannot sanitize those materials. If you're in doubt, check for a tag with laundering instructions. If it says that both the cover and the insert can be machine washed and dried then you can bring it in with your pet. If you have a bed with an insert that cannot be laundered, you can always temporarily replace the insert with towels or blankets that can be washed for the duration of your pet's stay. Finally, if we do need to launder your pet's bedding, we will need your name on it so we can tell who to give it back to after it's dried.

As with toys, we cannot guarantee that bedding will not be damaged or destroyed during your pet's stay.


We like to give our guests treats several times a day. We have treats of our own that we will give your pet unless you request otherwise, but we would rather give them a favorite treat. Please feel free to bring in some treats from home that your pet loves.

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